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2017 November

Website Briefing and ATC Training pages updated, and updated radio telephony guide revised and published.

2017 October

EVRR Sector file updated to reflect new stand numbers coming in AIRAC 1712 cycle (AMDT 010/2017) on Apron 2. ATIS files updated to reflect the real world syntax and released as a separate package on GNG. Charts for Riga and Ventspils updated, enroute charts updated, and FRA charts added. New scenery was released for EVRA, compatible with P3D v3, P3D v4, and X-Plane 11. Download information can be found on the scenery page.

2017 September

EVRR Sector file updated for a new test version which includes an updated ground layout to match the real world status of the airport currently. While this is now 100% up-to-date, most scenery versions are a little behind, but the controllers are aware and ready to help. The freeware X-Plane scenery version available should match up with it 100%.

2016 December

EVRR Sector file AIRAC 1604 released, with inclusion of updated Malmo sector frequencies, fixes to bugs in ATIS files, inclusion of Ventspils ATIS, and other minor bug fixes. Download latest sector file here.

2016 October

Riga Intl. (EVRA) aerodrome and Heliport charts are updated. En route charts are also up to date.

2016 June

EVRA ATIS audio files are added in download section;

EVRA ATIS is 120.170Mhz;

Statistics for traffic and ATC updated here.

Week 5 2015 Iron Mic' achieved by EVRA TWR!
Week 4 2015 Iron Mic' goes to EVRA TWR and APP, EVRR CTR took 2nd place!

ATC / Traffic statistics section avail here.

BALT_CTR new frequency is 132.300Mhz. (Prev. was 132.320) Effective Sept 01.Y16.

EVLA ATIS Removed. Effective Sept 01.Y16.

Iron Mic' award 5 times in a row goes to EVRR CTR, thanks to vACC's most active ATCO  A.Grocevs!
Also Riga TWR won Iron mic for OCT week 41!

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